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A Spade-Double inversion

This bidding suggestion applies to auctions that begin (by an opponent) one or two hearts, partner doubles, and RHO bids two or three hearts. I suggest that the meaning of double and spades be reversed; ie a minimum bid in spades denies 4 spades and is the equivalent of a responsive double, while a double shows 4 or more spades and any strength. In response to the spade-showing double, the takeout doubler bids as he would have over the minimum number of spades. He can jump in spades with a hand that would have raised or can bid a new suit when holding 3 spades and a good hand and suit. Why go to the trouble of doing this?

1) The original takeout doubler will play most spade contracts, which will generally result in an advantage in that the hand will be led into rather than through.

2) It becomes possible for a responder to invite or bid game while giving the doubler a choice; for example, if the bidding is at the 3 level, responder's spade-showing double can be followed by 3 spades, and responder then has an opportunity to bid 3NT with an appropriate hand (remember that a minimal double would have bid 3 spades even with only 3). If the bidding is at the two level, a double transferring to 2 spades may be followed by an invitational 2NT or by 3NT. Additionally, responder may double showing 4+ spades and then bid a new suit, which is invitational but forcing and shows where values might be helpful.

There is one shortcoming that can occur; when spades is bid as a responsive double and the doubler has a very good hand where he intended to bid spades over whatever his partner bid, he now has to do so one level higher. 

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