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A Small Request

Having been around the bridge world almost since the beginning of time, I know many bridge players. Yet, that being said, plenty still with whom I am unfamiliar.

When I am reading comments and I don't know who someone is, I will click on their "about me". Some people fill out a bit of data, and I can get a sense of who they are. Others?  Nothing.

When you don't know if someone is an experienced, long time competitor who you just have not had the pleasure of meeting previously, or someone who has been playing bridge for a year, etc., etc., it is tough to always know how to weigh their comments. 

Thus, my request is this. It would be lovely if more people who have nothing posted supply at least a bit of background.  Expert or neophyte, from Iowa or New Zealand, devoted volunteer or bridge pro - yada yada yada.


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