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A Simple Ruling (So, How Do You Rule?)

This should be easy. But, easy or not, I suspect you won't all agree on the answer.

East and West, two competent, experienced players, who play together regularly, are on defence.

Declarer, a newish life master, who plays standard carding methods was told early on that their discards are upside down.

Half-way through the play, when East discards the club queen, declarer asks West the meaning of his partner's discard.

East calls the director, claiming declarer's question is out of line.

As director, I told the defenders that the opponents are entitled to know their agreements on defense as well as in the bidding, and I was able to drag out of West that East's was not an upside down signal (20 F 2). Declarer was satisfied with that much of an answer, so I instructed the table to play on. 

East later announced that he disagreed that declarer had a right to ask, claiming his partner had to figure out the meaning  of his discard, which I considered to be hogwash since they do play together with some regularity and they are bound to have some experience discarding honors and therefore an implicit agreement.

I later mentioned this situation to another club director who agreed with East. So, what say you? Does director instruct West to answer the question? Or, is declarer expected to know the possible meanings of this discard, which to a more experienced player would be obvious?

Further suppose that two very experienced players are playing together for the first time. Can they possibly claim that this is an un-discussed situation and therefore not answer the question?

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