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A Simple Question

So I have been reading this post and comments with interest:

Like many issues, I find the opinions of others to be of interest. And many of the details I do not find facile.

This comment, however, struck me:  

"I'm really going to play on hoping an opp revokes, how desperate have I become?"

Many moons ago, partner and I contracted for a slam. Dummy came down and my immediate reaction was:  "I have no play for this unless someone revokes."

So, I began to declare the hand, continued on (not at all with a slow pace; just normal).  And - lo and behold - someone did revoke and I was able to claim!

I never thought that I'd done something unethical. How many times have we all played hands where, theoretically, we had no play but an opponent made an error?

Thus, I appreciate your views. Is there anything untoward about playing out a hand where a revoke is the only way to make?  Does this differ from opponents discarding improperly?  Thanks for your thoughts!

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