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A query just for Flannery lovers

I'm sure that this question applies to everyone (haha), but if you don't care about Flannery, ignore.

Playing Flannery (most minimum hands with longer hearts than spades),

What do you do with stronger-but-not-quite-reversing hands?

I picked up the following hand today:

  • A 9 8 5
  • A Q J 9 3
  • 2
  • K Q 5

What is your preferred treatment?

Open 2?

Reverse (what follow ups)?

At the table, I chose the following awkward auction:

1 - 1NT

2 - 2

2 - 2NT

All pass.


I am also interested if you recommend particular treatments. In standard (say no Flannery), I've always played that 1 - 1NT - 2 is GF.


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