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A new type of regionals

During Honolulu, I learned a little of what the Australian nationals are like. From what I heard, it seemed like they have about 12 nationals in total, maybe about 10 smaller ones(similar to a large US regional) and 2 bigger ones. This idea seemed attractive to me, get rid of the current regional schedule and replace it with a schedule built of maybe 1 to 2 regionals each month based on the regionals that have done well. This way all of the regionals would have a higher attendance. It seems like with this, all of our tournaments really mean more, and some people who only attend nationals might play these too. The main reason I think some change is necessary is because having up to 5 regionals in one week seems absurd, I don't know how anybody could think that would help attendance. I am really not too educated on the logistics of this but would be interested to see what others think of this.

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