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A New Event

I would like to see what the response here would be to a new event for the Summer NABC.

I believe that many of us come to the NABC's because of the opportunity to play events that are either not available or very rarely available elsewhere. These include multi-day pair and team events, but most importantly, to me at least, all-day match KO teams. For all too many this means entering the "one-day" Spingold or mini-Spingold. I would imagine that many of the teams that lose on that first day would like an opportunity to try again.

So I propose the following. On Tuesday start a "bracketed" National KO for groups of 16 teams playing all-day matches. These events would last four days for the finalists and therefore conclude on Friday, in time for teams to go on to play in the National Swiss.

I would further propose that these matches be 48 boards instead of 64.

A discussion of this here might help the ACBL BOD and the Conditions Committee to decide whether there would be sufficient participation and interest to warrant this event.

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