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A new bidbox

I didn't want to say anything until I got closer to finishing, but I suspect people are already going to be clamoring for it given the news of late. Maybe I've got competition, and I want to stake claim to my prior artwork in case anyone gets an idea to patent this sort of thing.

I am working on a new type of bridge box, an electronic one.

Why? It's clear to me that we have a huge need for it. We hate slow play. We hate out of tempo bidding. And we really hate the cheating.

We cannot stop these things. We can only punish the offenders appropriately. That means we need to document the offenses, and we cannot use A/V equipment at every table.

So lets make it easy to document.

The BWS files already have a location to record the bids on each hand. So lets fill them in. This bid box will get the auction at each hand, with each bid having a timestamp put on it.

No more tempo disputes. No more insufficient bids. No more bids out of turn.

We can physically enforce skip bid pauses on the next player to bid.

We can make it so alerts arent shared to the partner of the alerter.

We can call the director with a push of a button. 

You can be told what the bids are via an ear bud if you cannot see well.

My big concerns right now are getting it affordable. I hope to have an alpha version done within a month.

If I went to Kickstarter to speed things up, would anyone want in?

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