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A major contribution to bridge problems
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(Yes only slightly tongue in cheek.

And yes I do have too much time on my hands. It is the last day of the NEC at Yokohama. The event is winding down with Israel winning the teams over China Women yesterday.

Bulletins on JCBL web page.)

How many times has this happened to you?

You are sitting minding your own business when someone comes up to you and offers you a bridge hand. When you accept he says something like

" You hold ace jack third king ten fourth queen ten third jack nine third. And the the auction goes.....'

After which you say 'Was that ace jack third king ten fourth or ace-ten third king-jack fourth?'

My experience in remembering in these situations is not as good as 75%.

But there is a solution.

If I told you: "You have an 11-count 3-4-3-3. Your hand is:  ace jack third king ten fourth queen ten third jack nine third...'

Now your bridge intelligence kicks in from the HCP and shape indicator to fill in the cards as you go along. You may not get it right but at least you will eliminate some of the errors we all make in confusing suit lengths etc.

You're welcome.

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