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A few Walsh Questions...

If you do not play Walsh (or do not care), you can skip this poll.Playing with different partners, most agreed to play Walsh.Things went along fine with all of them until this weekend with a new partner.I found out my style is very conservative compare to him.

Thus, I would like to know what most players would do.Thanks ahead for answering the polls, you help is much appreciated.


Q1 and Q2 are about when you play Walsh. You should answer yes on either 1 or 2.

Q3 and Q4 are about what hand shape you would skip 1M and bid 1NT, especially with 5422 5xm and 4xM. You should answer yes on either 3 or 4.

Please select up to 2 choices.

I play Walsh only after 1C-1D
I play Walsh after 1C-1H or 1D-1H also.
After 1C-1D, I would bid 1NT with 4xM only with balanced hand, but not any 5422.
After 1C-1D, I would bid 1NT with 2425 shape such as Kx KQJx xx KJxxx.

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