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A Director Call Protocol?

Time and time again – mostly at the club but often at a tournament – we've all been party to or a witness of “contentious” verbal exchanges between a director and/or participants after a director call. Yes, so what else is new? 

This is surely unsettling or aggravating  to almost all -- both new and experienced players.

Might we be able to alleviate, or at least clarify for better resolutions, many of these situations and conversations with the expedient of permitting or requesting a verbal (not video) recording at the outset of an exchange? Perhaps this could be initiated by a director or a participant or witness.

A specific protocol would be required. What might it be? Is it all worth it? I think so. Today’s standard director greeting of ‘how may I help’  only sometimes diffuses a potential conflict.

If an appropriate procedure were developed for ACBL tournament games, perhaps progressive club boards would follow suit, where it is probably most needed.

I’m sure this thought has been expressed previously. Has it ever been field tested?

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