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A CC/UI hypothetical

A hand at one of our local clubs gave rise to the following situation and has evoked some emails among directors:

South deals, and the auction proceeds

S   W   N   E

P             2N

2N is a strong, balanced 2N opener, pick your range. The 2N BOOT was not accepted; the auction reverts to W.

Case 1: W passes.

Case 2: W opens 2S.

In each case, how should the director have proceeded, step by step, in order competently to apply the new Laws?

(Whenever in the process the director decides to take a look at W's hand --does s/he? when? under what conditions? -- it turns out that W holds what I will describe as a "marginal" weak two in spades. It is the kind of hand that would require this W carefully to consider vulnerability, state of the match, opponents and partnership agreements before s/he judges to pull the trigger to open 2S, but it is only barely within the partnership's criteria defining a minimally permissible 2S opener, and would not win any polls for "always open 2S" given all the conditions influencing judgment.)

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