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I have tried to create a hand neither heavy or deficient in spot cards and not completely barren in shape.

If partner opens 1NT (15-17) do you pass, invite or just bid game?

Does this choice change materially by vulnerability and MP's or IMP's?

It's a difficult question to pose (at least for me). And I've changed the hand a few times making it more difficult to pass.

What I'm trying to gauge is an overall view of what is the prevailing position with marginal hands. 

I have replaced the diamond Q with the K because I thought that might lead to more straight pass votes.



Pass at MP's and IMP's
Pass at MP's invite at IMP's any vulnerability.
Pass at MP's invite only vulnerable at IMP's
Invite at MP's.
Bid game at MP and IMP's any vulnerability.
Bid game only IMP's vulnerable.

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