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2 over 'could be short' 1 alertable?

Hi all,

I had a question come up today at a tournament that was contrary to previous experience. It was explained to me by the director in charge that bidding 2 over a "could be short 1" naturally was alertable. When I asked for documentation I was provided with a section of a 2005 document/memo rather than an official rule or law.

When looking the alert chart here it does say that a direct cue bid actually showing that suit is alertable if the opening bid was natural. However, it also appears to define a minor opening as natural if it shows 3+ cards in the suit or 1c if it is explicitly 4432 shape. It does not say anything about 1D being natural if it is 2 cards w/ longer clubs. 

As someone who frequently plays a precision 1D opener I always ask when my opponents overcall my 1 opener with 2 and it is commonly natural and I've never heard it alerted. It seems incumbent upon me, as the person who is playing the could be short 1 opening to ask for clarification if I care.

Can anyone clarify this for me? Preferably in a manner with some sort of reference or something I can point at? The director in charge has a reputation for making correct rulings so this really surprised me.

This particular instance that prompted this question was as follows:

1 2 2 p 2NT p 3NT* p p p    (The 3NT bidder looked at our card, saw michaels, and decided to bid 3NT without asking holding QT98xx AQ9x x AK. 3NT down 2 was reversed to 4 making).


(ACBL Land)

2 natural over a could be short 1 is always alertable
2 natural over a could be short 1 is alertable if you have michaels marked but treat 2 as natural in this situation
2 natural over a could be short 1 is never alertable
Other (explained below)

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