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24-board movements for small table counts

I've been doodling with this in the setting of a club that is in a retirement destination area - IOW the job of serving an aging population of bridge players, which we all face, is especially challenging here.

One consequence of the doodling is a movement to handle 6½ tables with 2-board sitouts *and no NS displacements* (per "aging" above) - actually no EW displacements either - as follows:

Rounds 1-7 are a straight Mitchell with 1 EW plantom, playing Boards 1-14.

Rounds 8-12 are a 1½-table Appendix Mitchell using boards 15-24 with pair 7 now sitting EW, following pair 8 (leaving 7 NS phantom). All tables arrow-switch in round 12 to keep this movement from being as badly balanced as ACBLscore's H7ROVER is. I will be happy to send anyone the .MOV file (ACBLscore's format for movements), or the master sheet as a PDF.

I will welcome any comments on this concoction, and I will also appreciate any referrals to other work along this line - forums or individuals or maybe (dare I hope) news of a site dedicated to making experimental movements available.

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