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2017 Bridge Laws; WBF Official Commentary

Here’s an elaboration from the WBF on the 2017 Laws.While directed to TDs, this will be of interest to club directors and of course some players.

Caveat below (thanks to District 11, CBA):

Calling all Directors & Players interested in the New Laws for Duplicate Bridge. The World Bridge Federation Laws Committee has published its official commentary on the 2017 update to the Laws of Bridge. This 38 page publication is a much simpler way to understand the intent and application of each law than the current 157 page Laws of Duplicate Bridge. Note - since this is a WBF publication there might be minor differences with ACBL regulations. Neverless it is a great source to begin or further develop your understanding of the Laws of Duplicate bridge. WBF 2017 Laws Commentary

PS: Don’t know, but I assume this publication is available in booklet form.

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