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2014 Hall of Fame: Who Should I Vote For?

I just got my ACBL Hall of Fame ballot. I liked this story enough that I considered selling my vote to my hometown newspaper, the Andes Gazette, But instead I'm going to let Bridge Winners help me decide.

There are eight candidates and I get four votes. (I think; I haven't actually read the instructions yet.) I'm definitely voting for Chip Martel and Jill Meyers. Chip is one of the best teammates I've ever had, and his record speaks for itself: four Bermuda Bowl wins, the World Open Pairs, two Spingolds, four Reisingers, five Vanderbilts, and a slew of other NABC wins. Jill has been the #1 ranked woman player seemingly forever. She's won just about every women's event there is. What sets her apart from other women's players is her record in open events: she won the Blue Ribbon Pairs and the GNT, twice won the Nail LM Pairs, and finished second in the North American Swiss, the NAP, the Silodor Pairs, and twice in the GNT.

So I have two votes to cast for the six other deserving candidates. I must admit that I'm disappointed not to see Marty Bergen's name on the ballot again this year: in his heyday, he and Larry Cohen were among the best partnerships in bridge, and his contribution to bidding theory is nearly unparalleled. He was on the ballot in 2012, but not in 2013. According to the Hall of Fame Committee's Charter, "In the Open category, a nominee receiving less than 10% of the electors’ vote for three consecutive years shall not be nominated for the next three years." It's hard to imagine that Marty wouldn't have received the requisite votes, especially considering that in this Bridge Winners 2012 poll he was the overwhelming favorite.

Only one player (Kyle Larsen in 2012) has been elected by the balloting process in the last three years; candidates need to be selected by at least 50% of voters. I've already expressed my thoughts on this here.There are two new names on the ballot this year: Chip Martel and Howard Weinstein. 2013 nominees absent from this year's ballot are Judi Radin and John Sutherlin.

What do you think, Bridge Winners: If you had one vote for these six, who would you pick?

The Nominees and their playing career highlights:

1. Peter Boyd.3 Vanderbilts, 1 Reisinger, 1 Rosenblum. 6 NABC++ seconds. 11 other NABC titles.

2. Bart Bramley. 1 Vanderbilt, 1 Reisinger, 2 Blue Ribbon Pairs, 1 LM Pairs. 4 NABC++ seconds.10 otherNABCtitles. 1 Senior Bowl.

3. Lynn Deas. 4 Venice Cups, 1 World Olympiad Women's Teams, 1World Women's Pairs.25 Women's and MixedNABCtitles.

4. Beth Palmer. 3 Venice Cups, 1 World Women's Pairs. 26 Women's and MixedNABC titles.

5. Howard Weinstein. 1 Vanderbilt, 2 Reisingers, 1LM Pairs, 1Blue Ribbon Pairs. 8 NABC++ seconds. Bermuda Bowl runner-up. 4 other NABC titles.

6. Eddie Wold. 2 Spingolds, 2 Reisingers, 2 Vanderbilts. 4 NABC++ seconds. 1 World Transnational Teams. 9 other NABC titles.

Peter Boyd
Bart Bramley
Lynn Deas
Beth Palmer
Howard Weinstein
Eddie Wold

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