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2-Day Free NABC Practice Tournament Wed - Thu on BBO, ACBL members only

Copied from BBO Site:

"2-Day Free NABC Practice TournamentWed - Thu on BBO, ACBL members only

On Wednesday and Thursday (July 5-6) we're running another 2-day Free NABC Practice Tournament. This is a practice event meant to help players interested in the upcoming ACBL NABC Online Individual get used to the format.

This one is for ACBL members only.

If you wish to participate in this second practice tournament please make sure you have a valid ACBL number on file with BBO by July 4 (Tuesday). You can update your ACBL number by clicking ACBL World > Update ACBL number.

This practice tourney is still free, but we are going to deploy the Advanced Robots this time.You will find the tournament in ACBL World.

Playing in these practice tournaments does not count towards your weekly free daylong tournament limit.Tournament Conditions of Play:

You will play 12 boards on Wednesday, and 12 boards on Thursday.

Please note that you must play on Day 1 in order to see the tournament on Day 2 and be able to join. Plan for two days, you can't "catch up" on Day 2 for both sessions.

Login at least once a day to play your daily set of boards. There is full carryover. ie, every board in every session carries equal weight.

If you fail to complete all boards in a session, unplayed boards are scored as 0!

Not everyone will be dealt the same boards.

You will receive your results for your session on the next day.

You can access a temporary leaderboard in Completed Tournaments until the final results are postedHow to join?

Click ACBL WORLD and look for the 2-Day Free NABC Practice Tournament hosted by BBO. This is a daylong style tourney. You can join, play, leave, resume any time during the day. (Note that for the actual NABC event you will have only 3 hours from the moment you start playing to complete your boards for the session.)"

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