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1z rebid by opener after 1y response by passed hand.

Say you have an uncontested auction in which you are in 3rd/4th seat and open 1x.  Partner (who is obviously a passed hand) now responds 1y, and you rebid 1z.

I have heard some people say that a 1z rebid in this case shows an upper limit of 16-17 points.  If you have 18-21 points but a hand that is too unbalanced or otherwise unsuitable for a 2NT (or 3NT) rebid, these people argue, you need to make a forcing bid of 2z.  But I have heard others argue that you can bid 1z with these 18-21 type hands and that such 1z rebids by opener are forcing for one round even when responder is a passed hand.  

What is the norm here?  How do members of the BW community play this?

A 1z rebid in this case can still show a hand w/ as many as 18-21 HCP.
A 1z rebid in this case limits your hand to 16-17 HCP.

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