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1NT opening, 2S range check, 2 ways to invite with a long minor.

1NT-2S is range check or to play 3m.

1NT-2NT= at least INV values,

1NT-3C = at least inv values.

Note that 1NT-2S-2Nt-3m =to play doesnt promise any values.

If you need opener to be maximum you respond 2S range check.

I know some player play that INV xfer in a minor can be 6 cards headed by AQ/AK/KQ and nothing else.

Facing those invite what if opener is maximum but doesnt have a filler (or 3 card in responder minor) should he accept the game try ?

If responder bid 2NT/3C with KQxxxx and very little else he really need Ax(x) however if the suit can KJ9/KJTxxx with stuff on the side hes happy when opener got a filler or when opener is maximum. 

Im used to play weak NT where responder INV will always have stuff in a side suit, but playing a strong NT AQxxxx and little/nothing else can lead to good game.  So im wondering if the method should be different from weak Nt to strong NT.

Suggestions are welcome but we want to stick to methods where 2C promise a 4M (or weak 3361) so hands with minors go via 2S/2NT/3C/3D

Ignore cases where responder is GF.

when you make a xfer in a minor opener absolutlely need a filler to accept (you tend to bid 2NT/3C INV with crappy hand good suit)
when you make a xfer in a minor opener need to be maximum OR a filler to accept (you bid 2NT/3C INV with a wider range of hand)

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