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1NT opening 15-17

There seems to be some lack of agreement about the inclusion of a five card major.  I have been persuaded that it is fine when you are 5-3 in the majors but not if 5-2 because it often leads to the wrong contract.  Please feel free to comment on this.


Al Graves made a point that when you upgrade a 1NT opening you really need two aces.  This may be correct but I am not sure in an agnostic sense.  


What about a weak doubleton especially in a major?  It at best wll wrong side a no-trump contract so is it ok?  Additionally you have 44 majrs and weak doubleton--should you still bid 1NT? 


The hand with a six card minor has some relevance in my view.  OK with a poor suit but not a good suit? 


1NT with a singleton does not attract me but can dodge problematical rebids.  Is it best?  If so under what conditions. 

 Up grading is fine and fillers matter but are all 17 counts with a five card suit too good?


Finally 1NT in fourth seat.  I have for a long time favoured  12-14 here.  It makes life that bit harder for the opps to get in.  Any views?


Please add any other thoughts to this thread. 


Maybe 2018 can see more of a consensus here.  

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