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1NT-2-2-2M structure

If you play Jacoby transfers and you play Stayman after 1NT openings such that opener bids 2 with both majors (and, presumably, 1NT-2-2-2 shows a 4-card spade suit and invitational values), which of the following structures do you use for the auction 1NT-2-2-2M?

Feel free to comment on any adjustments to the poll answer choices you would make if one of them doesn't exactly fit your system.

1NT-2-2-2 is weak and pass or correct to 2; 1NT-2-2-2 is invitational with 5=4 in the majors (this is how Bridge World Standard plays these two auctions)
1NT-2-2-2 and 1NT-2-2-2 are both weak with 5+ card suits and four cards in the unbid major
Stayman shows at least invitational values unless planning to pass opener's response. 1NT-2-2-2M is invitational showing a 5-card suit with four cards in the unbid major.
Stayman shows at least Invitational values unless planning to pass opener's response. Smolen used at the 2-level, so 1NT-2-2-2M would show invitational values with four cards in the bid major

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