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1M 2C and follow ups

Assume that you play 2/1 or any system where a 2/1 bid is a gf, such as many flavours of Polish Club, for example. Many players have started to use 1M 2C as a balanced game force or as a hand with a genuine C suit. This appears to be becoming more common amongst expert players. I have some questions.

Lets say the bidding starts with 1S  2C 2H. Responder has

a) xxx AJxx Kxx KQx

b) x AJxx Kx AQxxxx

c) xx AJxx Kx AQxxx

What do you bid? 3H? If you bid 3H, how do you distinguish hand a) from hands b) and c)

If you make the systemic decision that on hand a) you bid 4H over 2H, would that not take away from the picture bid holding of xx AQxx xx AKJxx. - this hand for me would be bid with 2C followed by 4H over opener's 2H rebid.

It seems to me that with hand a) you either have to go via 4th suit forcing or via 2NT, initially hiding the Heart fit. To treat both holdings the same way by raising 2H to 3 seems very poor as two totally different hand types are being described with the same bidding sequence. What do others do?  I posted this question on BBO forums and got an interesting set of responses. It would appear that many players like to use 'step' as a relay not promising or denying any Heart support.

Ron Lel

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