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14(53) in a Precision context: An Idea, looking for feedback

Playing the Precision Bidding System and most of its variants.  the 14(53) 11 to 15 hcp hands can be a pain. 

In the earlier versions of Precision, hands with 5+ s and an outside 4-card Major were opened 2, and any 4-card Major was shown after a 2 ask by responder.  (Actually, in the initial version, hands with 5+ and 4 s were also opened 2 with a rebid of 2NT  11-13 or 3 14-15 with 4-card suits after the 2 ask.  This soon was discontinued.  In addition, the 2 opening bid promised 4414 or 4405 distribution.  This was soon modified to included (34)15 distributions.)  Many still play that one opens 2 with 5+ decent s and an outside 4-card major.   

However, the modern trend is to recommend that the natural 2 opening show 6+ s, with or without an outside 4-card suit.

Hands with 14(53) and even 41(53) distributions have always been more uncomfortable to bid playing Precision, especially the 1435 hands, and even more so, those with 11-13 hcp.  1435 hands with decent 5-card suits could be opened 2 without the 6+-card suit recommendation for a 2 opener, but now the recommendation is to open them with 1.  The hands with 4-1 in the majors could always rebid 1 after a 1 response, but rebidding after a 1NT response (or 2N) could be uncomfortable. 

The 14(53) and 1444 hands in the 11 to 13 hcp range can be more awkward.  To rebid 1NT, even if this shows a minimum 11-13, and especially if vulnerable, seems to be a questionable decision to make.   The modern tendency seems to be to rebid 2 on any hand with 8+ cards in the minors (not a 6-card minor) such as 1444, 1453, 1435 although some might rebid an off-shape 1NT with 14-15.   Follow up sequences have been developed to show these distributions after 2 and 2 responses by responder whereby, after 1 - 2 opener is supposed to rebid 3 with (41)35 distribution.  However, from what I have read, this sequence is treated as being GF, not a good idea if 2 is limit-plus raise and opener is on a 11-13 (14)35.  Perhaps this minimum hand can be addressed by using the 2 relay to theoretically show a minimum 11-13 balanced hand (assuming you're playing 14-16NTs), but then breaking the 2 relay to 2NT by responder by rebidding 3 instead to show this minimum (14)35 hand. 

Still rebidding 2 after opening 1 on 1444, (14)53, or (14)35 hands (unless you can rebid 1) to show 8+ cards in the minors creates a lot of guess work, especially if there should be competitive bidding.

What I have been looking at is incorporating the minimum (11-13hcp) 1435, 1444, and 1453 hands into the Precision 2 opener (11-15, 4415 minus 1) and using the 2 response as the forcing inquiry response instead of 2NT.  Yes, this gives up a natural 2 to play bid but, over time, this 2 bid has seemed to rather infrequent for some reason.  And doing this would free up the follow rebid structure:  2, any 11-13 14(53) or 1444 [2NT asks for shape, or you can playing it as natural, to play], 2NT = minimum 4415 -1, and 3 = maximum 4415 -1 hands.  After the 2N and 3 rebids, followups would continue as usually played with one additional step being available after the 2NT rebid.

Why do this?  I am trying to find a way to get more clarity to the 1 - 1X - 2 hands, especially within the 11-13 hcp range.  It seems to be giving up relatively little.  And doing this doesn't necessarily preclude being able to open 2 on good 5-card suits (not 5332) if you don't wish to adopt the 6+-card suit recommendation by some Precision authorities/ authors.

Is this method viable?

Feedback, please

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