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10 to 19 No Trump

After a great many comments about announcements for NT openings, I have a few questions about another sort of no-trump range. 

Not sure if everyone had experienced this or not.  But, I am aware of a small number of players - often pros - who will open 1NT with a very large spread of HCP and oftentimes with (in theory at least) non-NT shape.

Not only have I seen hands that are way outside announced range, I've seen hands with small stiffs and even a couple of times a void.

My guess is that the pro figures better that he should play the hand than partner.  Thus, the more he opens 1NT with a great many hands, the more he'll have the opportunity to be at the wheel. 

A fair amount of the time, I find that the partnership ends up not getting a wonderful result with this practice. So I have not felt that I've been harmed many times by it. Nevertheless, I'm pretty close to certain that it is against rules to do this. And additionally, it seems "not bridge."  While the occasional psych or once in a while or "out of the box" decision is fine, to me, this other practice seems not fine.  The game stops becoming a thinking game and instead a guessing game.  Frequently this practice is accompanied with pauses and table actions that are also not kosher.

Have others experienced much of this?  What is your overall opinion?

I have recorded behavior like this a few times. Nothing ever seems to come of it. (And Robb Gordon, if you are listening, I believe this is prior to your tenure!)

Thanks for sharing thoughts and experiences.

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