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Matthew Granovetter
Matthew Granovetter
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I learned to play bridge at nine months while crawling under the kitchen table at my grandmother's house. At 12, I read the Ruth Cohen 1234 book and gave up girls for bridge. I learned to be a disciplined player from my dad and his cronies. Then I got the chance to play with famous players like Victor Mitchell, Al Roth, Ira Rubin and Benito Garozzo. After I met Zia, I learned to be an undisciplined player. My wife and I met in Holland at a World Olympiad. I gave up a career in Musical Theatre to be a bridge pro and writer. After we had two children (of 3) we discovered Chabad Lubavitch Chassidis, a branch of Judaism, and so I learned to work on my character traits. My hobby is cooking. Secret: I hate the thought of having to go play in a bridge tournament, but once I sit down at the table and take out the cards, I love it. My wife has made me into a better player but more important a better person (most of the time). I think we should strive to have fun while playing bridge, and this is a good route to success as well. 


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